365 sq ft Tiny Home on Wheels (Lot 7)

All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

Our 365 sq ft Tiny Home on Wheels (Modern/Rustic style version) consists of 2 full size lofts upstairs with full size steps and a ladder, a full living room and kitchen and bathroom with many upgrades including fixtures throughout. Interior is approx 365 sq ft with exterior at 8.5 ft x 30 ft. Built in 2022.

LOT SIZE: 1/2 acre/approx 130′ x 165′



> Fully insulated from top to bottom with Foam Insulation
> Martin 20,000 BTU Propane heater
> Unique 24″ propane stove
> Eccotemp hot water on demand water heater
> 6 cu ft Unique Solar fridge
> 6x 100watt Solar Panels with 4x Batteries and Renogy system
> Two 45 gallon water interior storage barrels with water pump and an exterior 250 gallon tote for rain harvesting
> Enclosed full size shower with Vanity
> Separett Tiny 1271 Composting Toilet with urine diverting system
> Washing machine built inside custom laundry closet
> Berkey water filter system
> Custom built utility room and battery closet
> Decorative Knotty Pine door with black hardware to bathroom



We are honored to be chosen as the Top 10 Modular Construction Solutions in Canada for 2023!