Best practises for water filtration

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Best practises for water filtration

  1. Know your source water: Understanding the composition of your source water is important to determine what type of contaminants it may contain and what type of filtration system is appropriate. Using a Berkey filtration system is a convenient way to filter your rain water or water collected from the lake or spring.
  2. Choose the right filtration system: Different filtration systems remove different contaminants. Choose a system that is appropriate for your source water and the contaminants you want to remove.
  3. Change filters regularly: Regularly changing filters is important to ensure that the filtration system continues to effectively remove contaminants from your water. Add a capful of bleach to shock the water before use.
  4. Clean your filtration system: Regular cleaning of your filtration system is important to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and effectively.
  5. Store water properly: Storing water in clean, airtight containers can help to prevent contamination and maintain the quality of filtered water.
  6. Test your water: Regularly testing your water can help you determine if the filtration system is effectively removing contaminants and if the quality of your filtered water is satisfactory.
  7. Maintain the filtration system: Regular maintenance is important to ensure that the filtration system continues to operate effectively and to extend its lifespan.
  8. For cooking and drinking, other than using your Berkey, you can also boil water.

Following these best practices can help ensure that you have clean and safe drinking water.


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