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  Items for Sale

Arcadia 55 Gallon Steel DrumSteel Drum, 55 Gallon
($60.00 + HST)
Blue Water Bin: 55 Gallon
($55.00 + HST)
Potable Water Tote: 250 Gallon
($165.00 + HST)
Used Wooden Pallets
($4.00 + HST)
Arcadia off grid Community Spring Water for Sale15 Litre Bottle of Water
($4.50 + HST)
Arcadia off grid Community Firewood for SaleFire Logs
($9.00 + HST)
Arcadia off grid Community Charcoal BriquetsRoyal Oak Charcoal Briquets 15.7 lb Bag
($11.00 + HST)
Arcadia off grid Community BernzOmatic 20-lb Propane TankFilled (Exchangable) 20-lb Propane Tank
($45.00 + HST)
Arcadia off grid Community Coleman Propane Cylinder 3-PackColeman Propane Cylinder 3-Pack
($21.00 + HST)

  Items for Rent (Daily)

RYOBI 20-inch Brushless Cordless Push Lawn Mower
($5.00 + HST)
RYOBI 40V Jet Fan Blower Kit
($5.00 per day + HST)
RYOBI Brushless Cordless 10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw
($10.00 per day + HST)
RYOBI 6.5 inch Cordless Circular Saw
($10.00 + HST)
RYOBI 14-inch Cordless Chainsaw
($10.00 per day + HST)
ECHO 59.8cc Gas Chain Saw 20 inch
($10.00 per day + HST)
Beast 3-inch Chipper Shredder
($10.00 + HST)
RYOBI Cordless Electric String Trimmer
($5.00 per day + HST)
RYOBI 18-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer
($5.00 per day + HST)