We are currently building affiliate programs by reaching out to various companies to get group discounts, available for our Members only. Everything from food, propane, equipment and tools. The list will be updated often so please come back for the latest updates.



Costco Membership (Shared Discounts on Propane, Water, Gardening accessories and monthly delivery of groceries and others items will be available.)

Thrive Life Freeze-Dried Food

Generators and Solar Panels (Employee Discount with CDN Tire)



Bunkie Life Kits ($500 off with Arcadia promotion)

Tiny Home Sales & Construction (Arcadia)

Storstac Shipping Containers ($100 off coupon when you mention us)

Off-grid Stoves (TBD)

Off-grid Toilets (Sunmar: $100 off coupon available)



Berkey Water Filters (10% off with Berkey with coupon code: ARCADIA)

Towing Services (Alex’s Towing) – Special pricing for Tiny Homes, Campers, Travel Trailers (not available for 5th Wheels)

National Powersports & RV Financing (Richard Reist – # 1-877-375-2995 or email:



Pelican Cases and Accessories (Get 10% off with coupon code: Arcadia10)

Radios (TBD)

Knives (TBD)

Saws (TBD)

Mark’s Work Wearhouse (10% off Coupons)

In addition, we will be purchasing equipment that can be rented by Members for deeply-discounted fees to use for their own building projects.

  • Gas-Powered Plate Compactor (centrifugal force of 11,000N/Exciter speed of 6500 vpm)
  • Woodlander Mill HM126 (August 2020)
  • Grass Cutter and Trimmer
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Snow Blower (December 2019)
  • Various power tools (Saws, Drills, Nail guns, etc)

  • The above list will be updated as we connect with more businesses that we can benefit from as a group.
    By 2020, we hope to have a ReStore-type facility onsite, containing used items collected, that Members can purchase, barter and/or recycle, such as various construction materials, tools, furniture, etc.

    Please email if you have further questions.