We are located near Eagle Lake Road and Rye Road approximate 25 minutes West of South River, Ontario.
----------------CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO COVID------------------ We may be able to offer onsite living space for up to 10 employees. Each employee would be responsible for providing their own Tent and camping necessities such as cooking items, heater, etc. Rent would be charged at $150 per month (1st, last + security deposit required).
After your contract ends, if your living area is not left in the original condition as it was first rented, we have the right to keep your refund for cleaning purposes. Otherwise, you will receive a full refund of $150 at the end of your contract.
We will be building 12-16 Tiny Homes onsite. We need all industries to assist with every aspect of this project. Please visit for more information about our buildings.
We will be building during the months of May - October during optimal weather conditions. Candidates who show exceptional skills, might have their contract extended for a longer term/full time positions.
The hourly wages will be paid according to industry standards.
If you are hired, we will require a copy of your drivers licence and SIN for your file and for weekly pay.
Please fill out the application below.