Our Pets at Arcadia say…

Due to popular demand, we have changed ‘Eddie says’ to ‘The Pets of Arcadia say’ where we feature a tip of the week from our favorite little furbabies. Send in your pets’ headshot to be featured in an upcoming segment.

Lola says… Please remember to pick up your mail in a timely manner, so there is room in your mailbox for new mail and your amazon packages don’t get damaged or blow away. Enjoy your weekend!
Tip #4 (March 19): Zora says… As temperatures rise, please be extra careful as everything melts and heavy snow falls off your roof creating slippery conditions over the next few weeks. Spring, here we come!
Tip #3: Piper says… Run your generator for a few hours so your batteries do not fall below 65% and remember your yearly maintenance to keep them tip top.
Tip #2 (March 5th): Snoopy says… Please remember to add a chimney sweeping log to your wood stove to keep it burning clean and prevent a fire.
Tip #1 (Feb 26th): Eddie says… Remember to brush the snow off your solar panels so they work better.