All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

Purchased items will be delivered directly to your lot.
You will receive a confirmation email with date of delivery/maintenance.

Items may not be exactly as pictured. Subject to availability. Prices may change as per supplier.

You have to option to pay by VISA or MASTERCARD at checkout.

*Prices do not include HST. 13% will be added to total upon checkout.

  Items for Sale

Arcadia off grid Community BernzOmatic 20-lb Propane TankFilled (Exchange Only) 20-lb Propane Tank
Arcadia off grid Community 100-lb Propane TankFilled (Exchange Only) 100-lb Propane Tank
Arcadia 55 Gallon Steel DrumSteel Drum, 55 Gallon for burning
Empty Water Tote: 250 Gallon
Arcadia off grid Community Firewood for Sale10x Face cord Fire wood (HST included)
($1500.00 Delivered)
Must order and pay in full between January through March for August 2023 Delivery
Limited quantities (First come/First serve basis)
Empty Blue Water Bin: 45 Gallon
Water Delivery: 1 Tote Full
Water Delivery: 2 Barrels Full

  Services Offered:

Tractor Rental with labor (Hourly)Tractor Rental with labor
($150.00 Hourly)
Driveway Snow Removal with TractorDriveway Snow Removal with Tractor Blower


Please leave your name, email, and phone number and items for sale in the Comments section.

2 Responses

  1. Bob Sanderson says:

    Single pane windows with screens , came out of a brand-new build. 3×3 ,(4) 2×3 (2)1×3 (2)
    $75 each obo for quantity buy

  2. Andrea Amer says:

    I have a brand new snow roof rake with wheels ( extendable 16/18ft) for sale.

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