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  Items for Sale

Arcadia off grid Community BernzOmatic 20-lb Propane TankFilled (Exchange Only) 20-lb Propane Tank
Arcadia off grid Community 100-lb Propane TankFilled (Exchange Only) 100-lb Propane Tank
Arcadia 55 Gallon Steel DrumSteel Drum, 55 Gallon for burning
Water Tote: 250 Gallon
Arcadia off grid Community Firewood for Sale10x Face cord Fire wood (HST included)
($1500.00 Delivered)
Must order and pay in full between January through March for August 2023 Delivery
Limited quantities (First come/First serve basis)
Blue Water Bin: 45 Gallon
Water Delivery: 1 Tote Full (*Limit 1 per month)
Used Wooden Pallets

  Services Offered:

Big Bubba Rental (Hourly)Big Bubba 16’x7′ Enclosed Trailer Rental including 1-2 movers, gas
($150.00 Hourly)
Roof snow removalRoof snow removal (Hourly)
Tractor Rental with labor (Hourly)Tractor Rental with labor
($150.00 Hourly)
Driveway Snow Removal with TractorDriveway Snow Removal with Tractor Blower
Tree Cutting (Hourly)Tree Cutting (Hourly)
Arcadia off grid CommunityDecks/Sheds/Doghouse Builds ($40-$50 Hourly + Materials)
Free Quote Available
Service CallService Call (15 minutes)
Service CallService Call (30 minutes)
Snow Blower RentalSnow Blower Rental (Daily)
Long Distance Towing (Hourly)Long Distance Towing (Hourly)

  Other Community Items for Sale

Stainless steel compact fridgeStainless steel compact 4.4 fridge ($100)
Dark Click flooringDark Cherry Click flooring
Used approx 80-100 sq ft ($50.00)
Arcadia off grid Community

We will no longer be renting equipment such as tools, saws, etc, due to equipment being returned broken. We can provide the usage of our tools along with our services for $ 30-$50/hr depending on project.


Please leave your name, email, and phone number and items for sale for within the Community within the Comments section.

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  1. Awning window for sale – new – 36w X 24h – RO – 37 x 25 – low e/argon/nail fin/wood drywall return – North Star custom colour – Expresso exterior, Walnut (vinyl) interior – still in packaging – paid $598 asking $350

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