Tips when encountering a Bear

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Tips when encountering a Bear

Tips when encountering a bear:

  1. Stay Calm: Don’t panic, make yourself look as big as possible and speak firmly to the bear.
  2. Give the Bear Space: Give the bear plenty of room to escape, and back away slowly and cautiously. Do not approach the bear or try to get closer for a better look or a photo.
  3. Make Noise: Make noise by talking, clapping, or singing to alert the bear of your presence, especially if you are in bear country or a densely vegetated area.
  4. Avoid Surprising the Bear: Be especially cautious when walking in areas with limited visibility.
  5. Store Food Properly: Store all food, trash, and scented items securely to avoid attracting bears.
  6. Do Not Run: Running may trigger the bear’s chase instinct. If the bear charges, stand your ground, wave your arms and shout to intimidate the bear.
  7. Bear Spray: Consider carrying bear spray in areas where bears are known to inhabit, but know how to use it properly before an encounter.
  8. Know Bear Behavior: Understanding bear behavior and knowing how to respond can help you stay safe in an encounter.

It’s important to remember that every bear is different, and how you should react will depend on the specific situation. If you encounter a bear, it is always best to contact emergency Arcadia number or local wildlife authorities for guidance.


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