What is an Unorganized Township?

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What is an Unorganized Township?

An unorganized township refers to a geographic region in Canada that is not within the jurisdiction of any local government or municipality. This means that there is no local authority responsible for providing public services such as water and sewage, road maintenance, and waste management.

An unorganized township doesn’t require building permits and there are no restrictions to size of build or mandatory utility connections. It allows the opportunity to get power through a solar system or a generator, collect water from the roof instead of plumbing and use composting toilets instead of expensive septic tanks. There are many benefits to living in an unorganized township, which are financially beneficial and allow one to live with the land, leaving a minimal foot print on the planet.

In Canada, unorganized townships are typically located in northern regions, where the population is smaller and more dispersed. Many residents choose to live in these areas due to the lower cost of living and the sense of independence that comes with not being governed by a local authority.

Overall, unorganized townships represent a unique form of local government, one that is both autonomous and self-sufficient. They present both challenges and opportunities for those who live and work in these areas, and are a testament to the diversity of local governance structures found across North America.


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