Arcadia Services + Maintenance + Updates


February 5, 2022: We have been contacted by Lount Dump who was contacted by MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) in regards to human waste no longer being accepted at Lount Dump and fines will be distributed if anyone is caught illegally dumping. Therefore, we will be switching over to Machar Dump this week, however their Membership works differently with only one person allowed to access the dump through a key fob. Vince will continue to remove the garbage/recycling which must be left up front in the black shed. However we urge you to start a composting bin to make fertilizer going forward. A bonus with Machar Dump is they accept Construction materials which is very handy for all. For the time being please refrain from sending your poo to Lount dump until we square away the new membership. Stay tuned…

February 6, 2022: All maintenance and services will now be booked through the store page. Click here…


* Please keep in mind, our 0 tolerance for abusive behaviour INCLUDES animals and pets. Under no circumstances will neglect, cruelty or any injury inflicted be acceptable.

* If you need assistance and have contacted us, please let us know if it has been resolved, before we get there, so we don’t waste resources and time tending to something that was already fixed.

* If you have an emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us, especially if you have run out of heat/propane or your generator is broken. We have back-up options to assist you.

* Please consider using two bags instead of one to make garbage less heavy. Some bags in the garbage shed have been so heavy, they can barely be picked up by two people.

* Plowing the roads as quickly as we are able to get to it, depends on other emergencies that take priority within the Community. Please be patient as we only have (1) snow blower and (1) Nick.

* Please keep in mind, it is very cold out there and currently keeping all outside work to a minimum.

* Please make sure you have allocated someone to tend to the utilities within your home if you are away. We are not responsible, especially if no one is maintaining it.

* When you have requested a propane tank exchange, please move your vehicle and shovel the walkway to your tanks, for easier and safe delivery.

* Please keep your lots tidy. Even though the ground is snow covered, a messy front is off putting to current Members and visitors.

* Please drive slower within the Community as people are walking and we need to keep everyone safe.

* Mail is picked up 3-5 times every week in Winter depending on weather between 2-3 pm and inserted into your individual mailboxes. You are welcome to pick up YOUR MAIL ONLY at the main mail box, if you are super excited to get it earlier.

* Please add a delivery description to your Amazon deliveries to leave all packages in one designated area (up front at Trailer beside Mailboxes). Delivery drivers have been randomly leaving packages at other places and other peoples lots. We don’t want anything missing.

* Please be advised that all household garbage must be brought up to the garbage shed upfront as it will no longer be picked up at curbside.

* Please poop and scoop after you dog. Thank you.

* Please compost your human waste into fertilizer (2 years for edible gardens) or throw away in the garbage. Please do not bury it or burn it.

* Please be advised we will be marking the property for walking trails and common areas. Please refrain walking on individual/private lots.

* Please do not approach wild animals and contact Nick, if you feel you might be in danger #519-350-0054.

* Please double bag your poop. It has been leaking out and no one wants to be involved with that sort of clean up.


  • To keep your batteries running efficiently, your generator MUST run for several hours to top them up to 100% and never fall below 65-75% especially during Winter months. Otherwise, it depletes the batteries to the point they cannot hold a proper charge and need to be replaced. You must take snow off your panels every time it snows.
  • You can use snow by having it melt in your sink and combine with hot water to wash your dishes. Many of us use a large tote inside for extra water which comes in very handy.
  • The snow on your metal roofs will slide off as temperatures rise. It sounds like an avalanche, so please know this is normal and will happen.
  • Please check your breakers often in case your panel blew a fuse.