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All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

We are so honored and excited to be chosen as the Top 10 Modular Construction Solutions in Canada for 2023 by Construction Business Review Magazine.

Arcadia off-grid Tiny Homes
The Frontier of Unspoiled Northern Wilderness By Construction Business Review Magazine
(March 2023)

“In our community, perfection takes time, if possible, at all, but it’s a rewarding journey leaving us grateful for living an easier, peaceful existence alongside the beauty and natural therapy of nature. We don’t need to contend with the noise of the city, the concrete, pesticides in our food, fluoride in our water, and pollution in our air—instead, only peace, quiet, and harmony”, says Colaizzi-Everitt

Arcadia is an all-season off-grid Community located in the Almaguin Highlands region of the Parry Sound District of Ontario, Canada. It provides numerous opportunities for individuals and families by building housing at a fraction of the cost of typical real estate in Canada and providing the land to place the homes.

“Arcadia is based on the principles of peace, tranquility, and harmony,” says Monika Colaizzi-Everitt, president and founder, Arcadia.

As the supply chain and limited labor force remain to be an issue for the suppliers, Arcadia plans and orders in advance to avoid costly delays. The company also retains quality workers by ensuring higher pay and a balanced worklife schedule. As a result, it can make all the services readily available. Arcadia has created a favorable environment all around by working with suppliers and clients over a longer period of time and having a sense of gratitude.

Arcadia provides people with the opportunity to build or have them build a home with no mortgage or the need to be connected to the grid, which is beneficial and affordable. Every single person at Arcadia relies on nature for water, food, heat, and power—with very little disturbance or negative impact on the land. Gardening, canning and water collection, firewood for wood stoves, and solar power provide the necessities and mitigate the dependences on propane and gas. Not only is it proven to be financially beneficial, but the off-grid lifestyle frees people from overwhelming debt while ensuring an overall healthier existence.

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Swing by on May 20 or 21st, 2023 for the 2nd annual South River Outdoor Show and Market. We will have a booth along the many vendors involved. Come check it out!

South River Outdoor Show and Market 2023

Tiny homes in large demand in Almaguin region

Arcadia Off Grid Community offering different kind of living

By Lee McConnell Almaguin News Monday, March 1, 2021

A new off-grid community located just outside of South River is thinking big, while staying small.

The Arcadia Off-Grid Community is a tiny home community located within the unorganized township of Lount, just a short drive from South River. Monika Colaizzi, Arcadia co-owner and director of internet and marketing, said they’re hoping to create a co-operative style community based on sustainability.

“Eating better, living smaller, and not utilizing so many of the materialistic type of things we’ve become so used to” were some of the goals of the community,” she said…

Colaizzi said the idea for Arcadia started as a way for her and the other owners of the property to live more simply and moving toward something to do for retirement. But she said once they started sharing their story, more people wanted to take part in that dream.

“I’m basically turning business away because we can’t keep building fast enough,” she said. “Everyone wants one now.”

Colaizzi said they purchased the land in 2018 and worked mostly on improving roads and other infrastructure. Housing construction started in 2019, and Colaizzi said there are currently six houses in the finishing stages. She said they’re hoping occupants can move onto the property in the spring.

Prospective community members can apply to purchase a tiny house, which would then have to be built either by themselves with their own supplied crew, or with the help of other Arcadia members. The home is owned by the resident, but the property it’s on belongs to Arcadia.

Colaizzi said she thinks initiatives like Arcadia can provide a solution to some of the housing shortages in the area, and hopes that municipalities across the province can consider easing some of their zoning laws to allow for alternative housing options.

Arcadia Off-Grid Community - Monika Colaizzi

Story Behind the Story: When this newspaper heard about Arcadia, we reached out to learn more about the community and decided to dig deeper into how initiatives, like tiny homes and off-grid communities, fit into the greater housing picture in areas like Almaguin.

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Tiny Homes in Canada


We are honored to be chosen as the Top 10 Modular Construction Solutions in Canada for 2023!