All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

Please browse through our Arcadia FAQs below to answer some of your questions.

We are located 25 minutes away from breathtaking South River, Ontario, on an all-access all-season road near Highway 11, approximately 3.5 hours North of Toronto. We are accessible by appointment only.
We are open 365 days a year.
We strive to keep as many evergreens as possible between all lots for year round privacy for everyone, especially the smaller lots.
Each Regular monthly lot is approx 7,200 sq ft (usually 60 ft frontage x 120 ft depth) on a combined 40 acres.
15 lots as per MECP limitations.
Potential Members must fill out an application for pre-approval. Followed by an in-person interview and sign the Rules and Regulations before they are accepted.
Maintenance Fees are $350 per month + HST + $250 property tax (due upfront each year) which incude the following for 2024:

Winter Snow Clearing on main Roads (35%)
3-Season Road & Property Maintenance (15%)
Garbage & Recycling (15%)
Mail Delivery (15%)
Propane Delivery (10%)
Security & Insurance (10%)
Other/Misc (10%)

Water Delivery (1 Tote per month) costs $80
Firewood Delivery (10 face cords) costs $1,685
100 lbs Propane Tank Delivery costs $125
Each Member is responsible for their own lot including water collection system off the roof during Spring, Summer and Fall, Snow removal, leaf removal, landscaping and general cleanliness of your lot. All furniture, construction materials, miscellenous items need to be kept in the back of your building to keep the front tidy.
You are permitted to have 1 (one) of the following on your lot:
Tiny Home or Bunkie
Camper/Trailer (during Construction only)
2 Vehicles (parking spots)
Additionally, you can place (one of each) of the following on your lot:
Storage Shed
Small chicken/rabbit coop
Pre-approval mist be attained from property owners prior to any permanent changes made.
We are no longer allowing Self-Builds.
Phase 2 is no longer available due to MECP limitations.
Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels are only allowed during construction phase. We are no longer accepting these as the main dwelling. Once your Tiny Home is built, you may keep the Trailer for your guests, but your lot must be kept tidy at all times.
Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels are allowed for Phase 2 Members upon approval.
A rain water collection system is mandatory in each dwelling with fully insulated tote(s) on each lot with an exterior nozzle for us to deliver water to safely, between November 15-March 30. Digging and any wells are not permitted, as per MECP rules.
1. Boil water
2. Use Berkey filter system
3. Filtration systems are typically installed in an on-grid house because of the power required, however in an off-grid situation, the water pressure is negatively affected and can drain your solar system unless you invest in a large system to accommodate the extra power needed.
Maximum of 2 domestic animals are allowed, however must be on a leash within the common areas. You must poop and scoop at all times.

Other animals are subject to approval. A maximum of 2 Chickens (no Roosters) and 2 Rabbits are permitted. Other livestock is not permitted at this time. In the future, we are planning to have a barn managed by the Members.

We will be providing a fenced off area to facilitate a small Dog Park to allow your dogs to run around unleashed. Members will be fully responsible for their pet at all times including poop and scoop.< Tentatively scheduled for 2023./br>
Please be advised, we have an obligation to call OSPCA if we witness or get any complaints about animal abuse.
To date, we HAVE NOT seen any bears, coyote, wolves, skunks, raccoons on the property. We have seen jack rabbits, chipmunks and deer along with Mama and baby Moose. Eventually, we will have electric fencing surrounding the main areas and all of our Members have a dog, which is further protection from any wild animals approaching. Keeping your lots clean and your garbage well maintained is an additional way to keep animals away.
Each Member is permitted to have their own garden or greenhouse on their lot.
We will NOT be connected to the grid. All members can use alternative sources of power such as gas, propane, solar, electric, wind, and generators for their lots.
We will NOT be installing a septic system. All Members MUST be set up/have composting toilets. Human waste should be composted for fertilizer in your garden (immediately for bushes, but 2 year waiting period for edibles), but can also be thrown out with your garbage in a tight, secure bag. No burning of waste is allowed.
Monthly fees will not increase.
MANDATORY for your own safety. All members are required to have their own insurance coverage for their dwelling. A copy of the insurance slip must be provided within the 1st month of occupancy.
Dawn Doley #705-494-6463

Intact Insurance https://www.intact.ca/on/en/personal-insurance/home.html

RecProtect Insurance (BY COBURN INSURANCE BROKERS LTD) service@recprotect.ca 1-888-887-0881


Brad Thompson (Cooperators North Bay) brad_thompson@cooperators.ca
A final version of the document of the standard Rules and Regulations will be available to accepted Members (which is amended from time to time).

Some basic rules to expect (Full version available upon request and provided to every Member):

It is expressly acknowledged that there is no representation or assurance by the Owner to the Occupant that this agreement will be renewed annually. The Occupant and following persons may use the Site, provided this agreement is operative and in good standing. The Occupant agrees to abide by the terms of this rental agreement, and to ensure other permitted Site users abide by the terms of this rental agreement.

The Occupant hereby undertakes and agrees that he/she will inform any family members and guests, visitors or other persons attending at the Occupant’s Site as to the Rules. The Occupant is responsible for the observance of the Rules personally or by his permitted family members, guests, visitors or other persons attending at the Occupant’s site or within Arcadia with the Occupant’s permission or knowledge.

The Owner assumes no responsibility for any loss through fire, theft, collision or otherwise to trailers, additions, improvements or cars or their contents, regardless of cause.

This agreement pertains to the Occupant and is not assignable unless the Owner consents, which consent may be unreasonably refused.

No add-ons, additions or Site improvements shall be started without prior written approval by the owner. If such approval is granted, such add-ons, additions or improvements must be incorporated so as not to impede the expeditious vacating of the Site and removal of the Occupant’s property.

The Occupant further agrees that while his/her Dwelling and equipment of any nature is on the Owner’s premises, he/she will not hire or permit any person or any company, to perform any labor thereon or to make installation of equipment thereof; without written authorization. The foregoing limitation is not intended to prevent the Occupant from doing such work provided such work is done in accordance with all pertinent laws and/or regulations and has been approved in writing by the Owner.

The Occupier acknowledges that permanent structures of any kind are prohibited on the site and the Occupier shall not claim to be the owner of a permanent structure used or intended for use as living accommodation on the site. It is agreed that if there is a finding by a court, tribunal or office of competent jurisdiction that there is permanent living accommodation located on the site, or if such a claim is made by the Occupier, such claim or finding shall be good and valid grounds for termination of this agreement of Occupation.

Frontal area of the Lot must be kept in a tidy and clean manner. Grass must be kept reasonably cut, and free of all rubbish and debris. Spring leaf clean up of your Lot is mandatory for proper drainage and to prevent flooding on your Lot. Occupants notified of problems and complaints regarding their Lot must take appropriate action to comply with rules.

Each Lot may contain a shed, workshop, greenhouse and/or storage unit to keep miscellaneous building materials, etc., out of sight. All Occupants must get prior written permission for all structures to added to their Lot.

Quiet Hours are between 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. Minimal noise will be tolerated. No loud music allowed. All children under the age of 16 must be on their Lot after 10:00 pm or accompanied by an adult. Noise disturbances to others will not be tolerated at any time. Generators are not permitted to run during quiet hours.

Utilities. Tenant is responsible for providing their own utilities for the Premises including power and gas. There is NO hydro, septic available on the Premises. Each Tenant is responsible for their own garbage removal, recycling and composting and water filtration.

Water System: Each occupant is responsible for their own water (either by installing their own water collection system or purchasing their own potable water). A water delivery service will be available November through to April for $50.00 + HST per month for 1 tote (250 gallons) during the months roof collection is not possible.

Sewage: Occupants must set up mandatory composting toilets within their dwelling or dispose of waste in the garbage. Digging or leaving waste on property is not allowed.

Responsibility: Occupants are responsible, at all times, for the safety and conduct of their family and any visitors to their Lot. Occupants must notify owners if they are to be away for an extended period of time.

Parking: 2 vehicles allowed per Lot. Visitors must park in designated Visitor parking area only.

Pets: Arcadia is pet friendly. Pets must be kept on a leash, at all times, in common areas of the Park. Please clean up after your pets and be considerate of others. Please do not leave your pet alone for extended periods of time.

Animals: With the exception of hens and rabbits, confided to your lot only, no other livestock is permitted, at this time.

Tents: For safety reasons and insurance purposes, Tents are NOT allowed on individual lots or on property.

Hunting: All/any hunting is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at Arcadia. Failure to comply will merit for this agreement to be immediately terminated by the Owner. Occupants will have 30 days to vacate the premises.

Abuse/Violent or Disorderly Behavior: All/any threatening and abusive behavior will not be tolerated at Arcadia. Failure to comply will merit for this agreement to be immediately terminated by the Owner. Occupants will have 30 days to vacate the premises with formal eviction notice.

Cannabis and Smoking: Occupants are permitted to smoke cigarettes or cannabis on their own Lot only. Due to fire bans and safety and consideration for other Occupants, smoking is not allowed in common areas.

Fire and Casualty: If the Premises are damaged by fire or other serious disaster or accident and the Premises become uninhabitable as a result, Tenant may immediately vacate the Premises and terminate this Agreement upon notice to Landlord. If the Premises are only partially damaged and inhabitable, Landlord may make full repairs and will do so within a prompt and reasonable amount of time. Adherence to fire ban rules is strictly enforced.

Right of Entry. Landlord or its agents may enter the Premises (Lot only) at reasonable times to inspect the Premises, to make any alterations, improvements or repairs or to show the Premises to any prospective tenant, buyer or lender. In the event of an emergency, Landlord may enter the Premises at any time.

-Lot fees may include up to 2 individuals (4 for homes over 400 sq ft with 2 bedrooms).
-Tenant Insurance is mandatory upon occupancy.
-Signed Membership agreement is mandatory prior to occupancy.
-Use of premises/lot is for residential purposes only.
-Vacated Lots are to be left in pristine condition or the prepaid Security Deposit of $250 will be kept by the Owners.
-Poop & Scoop in effect all year round.
-Individual private mailbox is provided to each Tenant.

-Refunds are given between June and September only due to financial restrictions during slow season.
-Please double bag your poop.
-Business Hours for Arcadia are between Monday to Friday (9am-3pm by appointment only)
-Main numbers are for emergencies only. Use email as 1st correspondence, followed by text if more urgent and call for emergencies. (Monika 416-315-9662) or (Nick 519-350-0054)
-Garbage is now taken to Machar Dump (new rules coming soon).
Currently there are mostly singles and couples aged 35-55 with no children.
Any home we build belongs to you. Any items you have delivered such as Tiny Home on Wheels, Trailer, etc belongs to you.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO HUNTING allowed on the 40 acres of Arcadia. Members caught doing so, will be served an immediate eviction notice.
Arcadia is located within an Unorganized Township hence, no building permits are required and we have no restrictions on sizes and type of structures we can build. Nevertheless, all of our dwellings are built far above the Ontario Building Code. Final building inspections are mandatory.
Within a 15 minute drive, you can find ample Fishing, Canoeing, Hunting, Golf Course, Dog-sledding. The Supermarket, Restaurants, Post Office, Gas Station, Brewery, LCBO, Beer Store are located in South River, only 25 minutes away. The 24 hour Foodland and laundry and Home Hardware is located 35 minutes away in Sundridge.
Each home we build has a 1 year warranty. We are not CSA approved. Buildings are subject to mandatory building inspections.
All Members are urged to consider owning a 4x4 vehicle. For visitors, other methods of Transportation are available:
Greyhound Bus stop (South River, Ontario)

Ontario Northland Bus (South River, Ontario)
All fees/payments due can be paid by eTransfer, Credit Card or Paypal (+3% fee), Cash, Cheque.
Unfortunately, due to Covid and its negative financial impact, we will be introducing another program in 2023. We have now implemented a new charitable program. Please visit ArcadiaAngels.ca for more information.
We are accepting long term permanent Members with special allowances for recreational Members, however we are not allowing rentals (unless family Members) or AirBnB rentals anywhere on the property.
For the security of our Members, Tents are now allowed unless behind a fenced, secured area on your lot.
We try to keep as many Evergreens as possible for a natural privacy fence when clearing lots. Fences are allowed to be erected by Tenants as well. The lots for Phase 2 are side by side. Please contact us for a map, if desired.
We are able to offer Financing for Tiny Homes on Wheels through Canadian Financial. Please click here for more information.
Internet will be available mid/late 2022 through StarLink. Each individual will be responsible for their own internet for their lot. Boosters are recommended to enhance cell signals for hot spotting.
If you are away for several days, make sure to keep your propane heater on and leave all of your cupboards open including access to your water tote for heat to flow through.
Unplug your Hot Water Tank and stuff a cloth on the outside to prevent ice build up.
Leave your taps on for a small drip or empty your water tote completely especially if leaving for an extended period of time.
1. Clean out your ashes often.
2. Buy a chimney sweep log to clean it out
3. Do not leave the fire going unattended.
4. Burn dry hardwood only.
5. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
No we do not charge extra for parking. You are permitted to park 2 cars on your lot. Extra parking will be made available for visitors at the front of the property.
On average most Members pay the following depending on size of dwelling and types of appliances (approx):

May to September:
Propane cost: $ 60-125 each month
and/or Firewood: $ 1,500 -$ 1,800 (10-12 face cords per season)
Generator gas/diesel cost: $ 60-$80

October to April:
Propane cost: $ 125-$250 each month
Generator gas/diesel cost: $ 80-$150
NOT RECOMMENDED/DOESN'T work with off-grid living:

> Incinorating Toilets (Incinolet, Cinderella, etc.)
> Flush Toilets
> Air exchanger & Air conditioning
> Microwave
> In-floor heating
> Electrical fridge
> Electrical freezer
> Small/Medium Kitchen Appliances
> Regular Washer/Dryer


> Separret Series Composting Toilets are amazing product
> Yamaha 7200 generator is best over other brands (better to have a strong back up system rather than spending $1500 each year and replace every year)
> SkeeterVAC for mosquito and deer fly control
> Propane appliances are ideal
> Other appliances can be run when plugged into the Generator
> Off-grid Washer/Dryer or small apartment sized plugged into Generator
Everyone has done this... including us. But reality is very different from TV. Do your homework and tons of research. Read everything, watch everything and do it some more. Ask people who have real life experience. There is a ton that happens behind the scenes and things always go wrong.
No we do not. We are not allowed to sell or distribute beer. South River Brewing company was kind enough to offer a private label for us for marketing purposes to which we are grateful. If you are interested in purchasing Arcadia Beer, please visit the brewery.
1) We are located in a rural area which makes it harder to drive up here unless you have a 4x4 vehicle. Even though the roads are plowed by the Municipality, it is gravel roads so being equipped with proper vehicle is recommended. Also most people travel from the City, so 3 hour trip one way isn't conducive to showing property as appointments tend to get cancelled due to unfavorable weather.

2) Our resources are stretched as we focus on Winter maintenance such as snow removal and tending to the Members living here full time so we group all visitation starting in May.

3) Our current Member privacy is a priority so keeping visitation to 6 months of the year helps control the amount of people walking through.

4) For the Members living here, after some time to climatize and gain experience over time living up North, becomes a standard routine.

Please be advised, as of 2023, due to MECP guidelines, all Tiny Homes on Wheels under 375 sq ft will have a maximum of 2 individuals due to overcrowding and grey water output limits.

Tiny homes on foundations can have 4 people maximum per lot for homes over 400 sq ft with 2 full bedrooms, only upon approval.
The Tiny Home is entirely owned by you. You may wish to sell it, if you decide to move. All new Members must be pre-approved.
It is fully owned by Arcadia Management.
We are currently only building 1 model on wheels at 365 sq ft with 2 lofts.
No, we currently do not have any Tiny Homes for rent.
Each potential Member must fill out an application for pre-approval. Followed by a deposit ($5000 - $10,000 to reserve the completion date for the Tiny Home) and ($2500 - $5,000 to reserve the lot). Our Builds Application (https://arcadiaoffgridcommunity.ca/application/) Self Builds Application (https://arcadiaoffgridcommunity.ca/self-builds-application/)


All payments can be made by eTransfer, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Paypal.


Depending on your credit/income, you can apply for a Home Depot Project Loan up to $50,000 oac at 8.99% interest. We would then co-ordinate with you to purchase the materials required to build your home.
Duration: 8 year payment plan (96 months)
Monthly payment: $ 589 per month (Total $ 49,999 + HST = $ 56,498.87)
Duration: 10 year payment plan (120 months)
Monthly payment: $ 471 per month (Total $ 49,999 + HST = $ 56,498.87)

Occupation Date: Once final payment is made
Size of Dwelling: 200 sq ft Model with Loft
Vacancy: Only 10 spots available

Terms & Conditions:
Land is leased after occupancy at $250 per month + HST
Tiny Home is owned by you

If you have further questions, please contact us and we will reply within 24-48 hours.


We are honored to be chosen as the Top 10 Modular Construction Solutions in Canada for 2023!