Please browse through our Arcadia off-grid all season Community FAQs below to answer some of your questions.

We are located minutes away from breathtaking South River, Ontario, on an all-access all-season road near Highway 11, approximately 3.5 hours North of Toronto.
We are open 365 days a year. Our official opening date was June 1, 2019.
Each Regular monthly lot is 5,000 sq ft (usually 50 ft frontage x 100 ft depth).
1/2 acre lots are 21,632 sq ft (approx 60' x 360')
1 acre lots are 43,264 sq ft (approx 120' x 360')
2 acre lots are 86,528 sq ft (approx 200' x 432')

Our Community is a total of 30 acres.
The plan is to have 25-40 long-term Members within the Community.
Potential Members must fill out an application for pre-approval. Followed by an in-person interview and sign the Community Rules and Regulations before they are accepted.
Lots available at $250 + HST per month are reserved for Tiny Homes built by Arcadia.
Lots available at $400 + HST per month are reserved for Dwellings built/delivered by you.
1/2 acre, 1 acre, 2 acre lots available for Tiny Homes built by Arcadia have no other fees.
Your monthly fee includes the following (Phase 1 Members only):
  • Rental of your individual lot
  • Utilities (Garbage, Compost and Recycling removal)
  • Water (Rain Water collection and Well water will be available). All Members are responsible for filtering and purifying their water for consumption.
  • Maintenance (available during all 4 seasons including main road snow removal in the winter and regular landscaping to common areas of the property in all other Seasons)
  • 30 acres of common area shared among all Members

  • Your monthly fee includes the following (Phase 2 Members only):
  • Rental of your individual lot
  • Utilities (Garbage, Compost and Recycling access)
  • Snow removal in the winter
  • Members are responsible for their own water collection and composting toilets
  • Each Member is responsible for their own individually rented lot including snow removal, leaf removal, landscaping and general cleanliness of your lot. All common areas will be maintained by the owners. All Members are responsible for filtering and purifying their own water for safe consumption.
    You are permitted to have 1 (one) of the following on your lot:
    Tiny Home or Bunkie
    Camper/Trailer (during Construction only)
    2 Vehicles (parking spots)
    Additionally, you can place (one of each) of the following on your lot:
    Storage Shed
    Small chicken/rabbit coop
    No we do not charge extra for parking. You are permitted to park 2 cars on your lot. Extra parking will be made available for visitors at the front of the property.
    Phase 2 scheduled for 2020 will include further enhancement of the grounds including landscaping, upgrades and enhancements to the property. Phase 2 will also include expansion of the grounds to facilitate more members/lots.
    Please be advised monthly fees will be increase for Phase 2 members.
    Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels are only allowed during construction phase for Phase 1. We are no longer accepting these as the main dwelling. Once your Tiny Home is built, you may keep the Trailer for your visitors, but your lot must be kept tidy at all times.
    Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels, Yurts are allowed for Phase 2 Members upon approval.
    We encourage all members to install solar power and rain water collection systems on their lot. A backup water supply and well water will be available onsite for Phase 1. Potable water delivery will also be available at an additional cost in Phase 2. Composting toilets are mandatory.
    Maximum of 2 domestic animals are allowed, however must be on a leash within the common areas. You must poop and scoop at all times. Other animals are subject to approval. A maximum of 2 Chickens (no Roosters) and 2 Rabbits are permitted. Other livestock is not permitted at this time. In the future, we are planning to have a barn managed by the Members. We will be providing a fenced off area to facilitate a small Dog Park to allow your dogs to run around unleashed. Members will be fully responsible for their pet at all times including poop and scoop.
    To date, we HAVE NOT seen any bears, moose, coyote, wolves, skunks, raccoons on the property. We have seen jack rabbits, chipmunks and deer. We have electric fencing surrounding the main areas of the community and all of our Members have a dog, which is further protection from any wild animals approaching. Keeping your lots clean and your garbage well maintained is an additional way to keep animals away.
    Each Member is permitted to have their own garden or greenhouse on their lot, however in the future, we are planning to create a larger garden or greenhouse shared and managed by all Members.
    We will NOT be connected to the grid. All members can use alternative sources of power such as gas, propane, solar, electric, wind, and generators for their lots.
    We will NOT be installing a septic system. All Members MUST be set up/have composting toilets.
    Monthly fees will not increase for Phase 1 members.
    All members are required to have their own insurance coverage for their dwelling. A copy of the insurance slip must accompany your Community Rules and Regulation document.
    A document of the standard Community Rules and Regulations will be available to accepted Members.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NO HUNTING allowed on the property. Members caught doing so, will be served an immediate eviction notice.
    Arcadia off-grid Community is located within an Unorganized Township hence, no building permits are required and we have no restrictions on sizes and type of structures we can build. Nevertheless, all of our dwellings are built far above the Ontario Building Code.
    Within a 15 minute drive, you can find ample Fishing, Canoeing, Hunting, Golf Course, Dog-sledding. The Supermarket, Restaurants, Post Office, Gas Station, Brewery, LCBO, Beer Store are located in South River, only 25 minutes away. The 24 hour Foodland and laundry and Home Hardware is located 35 minutes away in Sundridge.
    At Arcadia off-grid Commuinity, the activities included are Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Chess, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Trails, Archery, Childrens’ Area, Family Gathering and Picnic Areas throughout the common grounds.
    All Members are urged to consider owning a 4x4 vehicle. For visitors, other methods of Transportation are available:
    Greyhound Bus stop (South River, Ontario)

    Ontario Northland Bus (South River, Ontario)
    All fees/payments due can be paid by eTransfer, Credit Card or Paypal (+3% fee), Cash, Cheque.
    We are in the process of building a program for Cancer Patients and Domestic Abuse Victims and their families to enjoy our Glamping and Camping facilities for FREE. Please stay tuned as we work out the details for 2020.

    Phase 1: Only $250 + HST per month (12 months due upfront)
    Refundable Security Deposit (one-time fee): $250.00

    Phase 2: Only $400 + HST per month (12 months due upfront)
    Refundable Security Deposit (one-time fee): $250.00

    Lifetime Memberships: Yearly property tax $ 300
    Duration: Permanent/Long-term Stay
    Dates Valid: Minimum 12 months (long term of at least 5/10/20 years is preferable)
    Each Regular monthly lot is 5,000 sq ft (usually 50 ft frontage x 100 ft depth). 1/2 acre lots are 21,632 sq ft (approx 60' x 360') 1 acre lots are 43,264 sq ft (approx 120' x 360') 2 acre lots are 86,528 sq ft (approx 200' x 432') Our Community is a total of 30 acres.
    4 people maximum per lot
    The Tiny Home is entirely owned by you. You may wish to sell it, if you decide to move.
    Your lot is on a lease (whether monthly or lifetime membership). It is fully owned by Arcadia Management.
    Yes, we can. During the planning stages, we can discuss floor plans and designs and build a custom Tiny Home to suit your specifications.
    Yes, we do. You can come visit us (by appointment only) for a tour of the Community and to see our demo model. Currently we are booking appointments between April to October only.
    No, we currently do not have any Tiny Homes for rent.
    Each potential Member must fill out an application for pre-approval (https://arcadiaoffgridcommunity.ca/application/). Followed by a deposit ($5000 - $10,000 to reserve the completion date for the Tiny Home) and ($2500 - $5,000 to reserve the lot).


    Potable Water and Rain Collection, Garbage, Recycling, Composting, Sewage Removal, WiFi
    Arcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-potable waterArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-water3Arcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-garbage collectionArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-recyclingArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-CompostingArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-sewage removalArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-wifi
    Electric Fence, Security Cameras, Snow Removal and Landscaping in common areas
    Arcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-landscapingArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-snow removalArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-landscaping
    No running water, No hydro

    Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Giant Chess, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Trails, Archery, Childrens' Area, Family Gathering and Picnic Area

    Onsite Activities Permitted (Bring your own Equipment):

    Arcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-ATVArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-SnowmobileArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-Wildlife ViewingArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-Cross Country SkiArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-SnowShoeing

    ATVing, Snowmobiling, Wildlife Viewing, Cross-country Skiing, Snow Shoeing

    ATTRACTIONS (10-12 minutes away):

    Public Beach

    Swimming with Children's park and picnic area

    Fishing and public Boat Launch

    Kayaking, Canoeing, Skidooing

    Convenience Store


    Mikisew Provincial Park

    Eagle Lake Golf Course

    NEARBY NECESSITIES (South River - 25 Minutes away):

    Fresh Mart Supermarket

    Medical Centre Public Library

    Public Schools

    OPP Station Fire Station

    Ambulance Station

    Fire Station

    Antonios Restaurant

    Sherris Restaurant

    South River Post Office

    Shell Gas Station


    Beer Store

    Highland Brewery

    Guardian Drug Store

    NEARBY NECESSITIES (Sundridge - 35 Minutes away):

    Foodland Supermarket (open 24 hours)

    Laundry Mat (open 24 hours)

    HAs Chinese Restaurant The Blue Roof Restaurant

    Bernards Bistro on the lake Restaurant

    Michaels on main Restaurant

    The Red Brick Cafe & Gift House

    Steirerhut Restaurant Schnitzel House

    Double Decker Char Broil Take Out

    Sundridge Post Office

    Veterinary Hospital

    RBC Bank Home Hardware

    Sundridge & District Med Ctr (Dentist) Guardian Drug Store


    Arcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-no huntingArcadia-mobile-park-Ontario-Canada-wood2

    No Hunting on the property
    Firewood must be purchased on site (Firewood brought in from outside not permitted at this time).



    All payments can be made by eTransfer, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Paypal.


    Depending on your credit/income, you can apply for a Home Depot Project Loan up to $50,000 oac at 8.99% interest. We would then co-ordinate with you to purchase the materials required to build your home.
    Duration: 8 year payment plan (96 months)
    Monthly payment: $ 589 per month (Total $ 49,999 + HST = $ 56,498.87)
    Duration: 10 year payment plan (120 months)
    Monthly payment: $ 471 per month (Total $ 49,999 + HST = $ 56,498.87)

    Occupation Date: Once final payment is made
    Size of Dwelling: 200 sq ft Model with Loft
    Vacancy: Only 10 spots available

    Terms & Conditions:
    Land is leased after occupancy at $250 per month + HST
    Tiny Home is owned by you

    If you have further questions, please contact us at info@arcadiaoffgridcommunity.ca and we will reply within 24 hours.

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